Trafi is a technology platform for mobility, powering fully connected multimodal cities. Our technology suite help partners to operate holistic mobility services. From white label solutions to deep analytics, Trafi enables cities to take the driver seat of urban mobility. Founded in 2007, Trafi is collaborating with leading companies like Lyft, Google, Apple, the Volkswagen Group, SBB and cities including Berlin, Jakarta and Rio de Janeiro among others.

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Trafi and BVG are launching a multimodal app under the name of Jelbi, powering the city of Berlin to become the first fully connected multimodal European city. People of Berlin will be able to use different kinds of mobility modes seamlessly in one place - from planning to purchase. The application is a whitelabel solution powered by Trafi’s technology. This is the first time that a European city the size of Berlin deeply integrates an entire mobility network, spanning across public and private operators, in order to make it easier for people to access and use different types of transport.