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Nextérité provides real time information services about transportation and environmental conditions. Its semantic and artificial intelligence engine NextAlert analyzes and combines data from multiple official and collaborative sources in real time to provide a reliable multimodal transportation information feed. Two applications are based on the NextAlert engine: - ViaFacil, providing multimodal journey calculation and collaborative information for the general public; - ViaPro, helping local managers to securely share and regulate mobility and environment information.

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NextAlert real time semantic engine locates and qualifies messages posted on social networks and only keeps truly useful information (approximately one message in a thousand) about transport conditions. NextAlert also combines collaborative information with official and IoT data. Tests showed that NextAlert detected 40% more information than the operators did, with the information shared on average 20 minutes earlier.

Traffic from NextAlert can be adapted according to the region, network and language used. It is accessible through different channels including APIs and can be easily integrated into information or route planner applications.

It is currently used by millions of users in France, through the SNCF app and ViaFacil and ViaPro mobility applications.


The ViaFacil application combines route planning and information sharing about traffic and environmental conditions from official and collaborative data.

This intuitive and user-friendly app, with clear and easy to understand maps does not require users to download an application on their mobile (Progressive Web App – PWA).

ViaFacil collects information from different sources. It uses official notifications and messages from users via the NextAlert service as well as notifications from managers via the ViaPro application, to geolocate in real time information about traffic conditions, disruptions on public transport, traffic jams, accidents, road works, parking spaces, floods, …

It also provides a multimodal journey planner (public transport, car, bicycle or pedestrian by default; with other possible modes).


The professional application ViaPro is reserved for managers on the ground in a region (transport, infrastructure, security, authority…). It permits secure sharing of information about: - mobility and transport conditions (traffic, road works, accidents, bad weather,…); - weather conditions (floods, weather alerts,…) ; - upcoming events (demonstrations, road works, markets,…). The secure ViaPro app provides: - real-time information sharing between professionals; - access to previous records of disruptions and events (traffic conditions, floods, road works); - the introduction and updating of geolocated information in real-time; - the addition of visuals (photos) to help in tracking events; - the regulation of information and alerts sent to the general public by ViaFacil. ViaPro can be used on Smartphones or computers (PWA) and promotes the efficiency of professionals on the ground being very simple to use.