Be-Mobile helps road authorities, the logistics sector, car industry and travelers to conquer the daily hassle of traffic jams and get in control over their mobility. Through our Connected Car & Traffic Platform, we collect Floating Car Data from over 40 million connected vehicles in Europe and turn them into valuable information. This data hub forms the basis of our solution portfolio, including traffic monitoring and guidance, traveller information, multimodal route planning, electronic toll collection and many more.

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Connected Car & Traffic Platform

Our robust Traffic Platform produces and aggregates highly reliable traffic information. It is designed to collect, process, store and distribute a wide range of data sources: Floating Car Data, sensor data, crowd-sourced data and public data.

Mobility Payment Platform

Our Mobility Payment service 4411 enables the possibility to offer a mobile digital payment platform to the traveller for the payment of mobility services (e.g. on/off street parking, e-charging, public transport, toll). We approach both private and public travellers. Via this platform the usage and management of these mobility services are improved.

Logistics & Toll Platform

The Logistics Platform on the one hand brings a clear and real-time view of drivers, vehicles, assets, points of interest, routes and high-quality traffic information helping you to find your way in an increasingly complex logistics environment. The Logistics Platform is completed with a Truck Driver Community App that helps all actors in Logistics to work together. The Tolling Platform on the other hand addresses the needs of GNSS Tolling Service providers with a centralized management tool for digital maps, taxable road networks, pricing information, private areas and specific vehicle parameters.

Route Planning

A route planner is an indispensable tool to look for the quickest route from A to B and avoid problematic areas. At Be-Mobile, we have developed powerful algorithms that take into account the needs of modern cities by combining the modes of transport and integrating complex scenarios such as temporary roadworks, traffic information or low emission zones.

Automotive Services

Be-Mobile supplies traffic information to drivers through the in-car navigation standard broadcast formats RDS-TMC, DAB-TPEG and via CONNECTED technology. A new infotainment service such as hybrid radio is currently under commercialization.


The Dutch most popular traffic information, navigation & parking app with more than 1.5 million active users. Actively integrating C-ITS use cases, the app makes life safer on the road.


Flux is the #1 truck driver companion app for a safe and efficient driving experience. The app makes truck driving safer, easier and more comfortable. Connected to a fleet system, Flux allows for a time-efficient supply chain and dynamic freight management.