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dots. (WeAreDots, SIA) strives to take a different approach in a traditional Intelligent Transportation Systems industry, by using the latest advancements in Cloud and Machine Learning to solve challenges related to transportation management.

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  • FITS - Future Intelligent Transportation Systems (5.21 MiB)

    Fits vision is to enable safe and efficient transportation. At its core, Fits is AI-based Intelligent Transportation Platform. Most customers have road and transportation sensors from across a spectrum of vendors and suppliers. Fits automatically collects data from all and any such sensors into a unified data store, fuses it with AI engines and enables business process specific processing for any data-driven use case - from speed enforcement to traffic optimization. It also monitors the fleet of sensors to ensure maximum data collection uptime and includes 24/7 monitoring centre services.

  • FITS for speed (Fits.speed) (1.01 MiB)

    Contributing to saving lives and making road transportation safety enforcement smarter. Fits.speed extends FITS core platform with speed enforcement specific capabilities, enabling automated speed enforcement by connecting all traffic violation sensors, raw data processing and preparation of violation cases.

  • FITS for tolling (Fits.toll) (641.21 KiB)

    Road are an important asset and require proper maintenance. We believe road user charge and tolling should be easy to use and efficiently managed to support social equity and provide funds for infrastructure maintenance and development. Video-based tolling enforcement based on ANPR technology allows to avoid deployment of additional devices or tags in vehicles thus making the experience for road users more pleasant, at the same time avoiding costs associated with distribution, deployment and maintenance of on-board equipment.

  • FITS for Road Sensor Monitoring (Fits.hub) (2.19 MiB)

    If an organization plans to deploy or already has hundreds of various road-side sensors, but it must use different solutions to manage them, centralized monitoring platform can help achieve superior service operation. By connecting different road-side sensors through a single platform, organizations are able to maintain sensor operational status, quickly detect sensor faults or anomalies. That leads to a more efficient maintenance processes, and decreased costs and a better overall service to road network participants.

  • SPES - Smart Parking Enforcement Solution (3 MiB)

    SPES is a Smart Parking Enforcement Solution that ensures quick and clear parking payments and violation monitoring. The system inspects and temporarily holds up parking payments and issue and review post-payment notifications. All data processing is carried out in real-time and is offered to the end user immediately.

  • FITS for Computer Vision Tasks (Fits.vision) (1.86 MiB)

    Taking road safety to the next level. Computer vision technology enables to collect a lot of useful information that can be used to improve traffic monitoring and road safety without the need to install a variety of other sensors that can often be either limited in the information output or costly to install and maintain.