Dynniq is a dynamic, high-tech and innovative company offering integrated mobility, parking and energy solutions and services. The cohesion of how these three markets all work together starts from our vision about flow. We help our clients to manage energy and traffic flows in cities in our society to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently through advanced technology solutions.

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Products at the Show

Dynniq CrossWalk

Pedestrians are a vulnerable group in daily traffic. With all the attention that there is for cyclists, motorists and public transport, Dynniq is aiming CrossWalk at specific pedestrian target groups who have to find their way in increasing busy traffic. CrossWalk offers people who need it, more time to cross a road safely. This process works by extending their green light time via the CrossWalk app, which they install on their smartphones.

Dynniq CrossCycle

An increasing number of commuters are swapping their cars for a healthier, more environmentally friendly and affordable solution: the bicycle. With the interests of the environment in mind, municipalities would prefer to see more bicycles and fewer cars on the road as well. However, the current Dutch infrastructure system lacks the space necessary to accommodate the rapid developments as a result of increasing bicycle use. The Dynniq CrossCycle makes cycling more comfortable and fun, without the need for expensive infrastructural changes. With red lights disappearing, cyclists are free to continue on their way.