Dynniq is a dynamic, high-tech and innovative company offering integrated mobility, parking and energy solutions and services. The cohesion of how these three markets all work together starts from our vision about flow. We help our clients to manage energy and traffic flows in cities in our society to enable people, data and goods to reach their destinations safely, sustainably and efficiently through advanced technology solutions.

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Annette Frijns


Products at the Show

FlowSense platform

The Dynniq FlowSense service platform is a fully scalable cloud environment, which – on one side – has the ability to connect to any roadside system (e.g. traffic light controllers or outstations) and – on the other side – connects road users to provide all kind of C-ITS services.

GreenFlow priority service

Designing intelligent on-board systems allowing road users to move around the city comfortably and sustainably.

Parking as a Service

This rental-based service, lets clients enjoy all the benefits of using our proven, IP-based solutions without the burden of ownership.