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Aimsun is an international team of technologists, scientists, and transportation engineers with a singular focus on algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications. Thousands of users worldwide use our software for strategic transport planning, traffic engineering and mobility management. Our clients include departments of transportation, engineering consulting firms, research institutions and developers of the latest technology in self-driving and connected vehicles.

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Products at the Show

Aimsun Next

Aimsun Next software allows you to model transportation networks small and large: from a single intersection to an entire region.

You can use Next software to build a digital twin of a city or highway, then simulate the trips that people want to make, and match them with the available transportation options such as taxis, buses, car-shares, bikes or even walking.

Digital modeling is a safe and cost-effective way to experiment with different designs or operations plans and help make places safer, cleaner and more livable.

5000 professionals in 80 countries around the world use Next software to make important decisions about the future of our cities.

Aimsun Live

Aimsun Live simulates mobility in real time, allowing traffic managers to anticipate congestion on our roads and stop it before it happens.

Live software combines historical trip patterns with real-time data feeds from loop detectors, cameras, satellites, sensors and our phones. Live software then simulates every vehicle and every lane on a highway or city network to assemble a bottom-up picture of future traffic conditions.

In fewer than five minutes, traffic control room operators can identify the best strategy for avoiding congestion - without guesswork.

Government organizations in North America, the UK, Continental Europe, Asia and Australia use Live software to work towards smart highway systems and connected cities.